Limited Edition Items

Camelot Chalice

Large Load. Made in various woods. Limited edition, with certificate of authenticity - Editions limited by wood species, Pictures show Yew, and Brazilian Rosewood, the Brazilian Rosewood is limited to just 10.
Size: 3.75 inches High, 2 5/8 inch mouth.
Stock level: Limited Edition
Price: from £150

Thuya Burr Chop Cups

Very limited availability. The Wood comes from a tree root, which is dug up, origins from morocco, each style of cup will be decided by the wood itself, trying to turn this to uniform shapes can be difficult, so I let the wood decide!
Size: Varies, small/med/large
Stock level: Please contact for availability.
Price: POA

Cocobolo Stubby Set

The small Stubby cup is one of the most popular cups I get asked to make, and a set with a matching solid kicker cup, and mini wand matched with balls and load balls offers all the discerning magician could ever possibly need to perform there favorite routine.
Size: 2.5 inches High, 2 inch mouth.
Stock level: Limited
Price: From £160

Best of British

Made in Oak,Pearwood,Walnut,London plane(Lacewood),Yew
Size: Made in Oak,Pearwood,Walnut,London plane(Lacewood),Yew
Stock level: Limited
Price: POA

African Blackwood Elegance Cup

Load size: Large
Size: Each cup 3.5 inches high, 2 5/8 inch mouth.
Stock level: Low
Price: POA

Kingwood Elegance

Here we have a lovely Kingwood Large load Elegance chop cup, comes with matching balls, optional large load ball sometimes in stock, but sell out very quickly. Kingwood comes from South America and is so named after several French Kings in the 17th and 18th centuries preferred this wood in use of Fine furniture.
Size: Large load
Stock level: In stock
Price: £140


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