Gareth Gwatkin, Craftsman

I have always been interested in magic, as a boy I can remember working my way through the royal road to card magic, and the odd performance here and there. Magic has always been good to me, it’s a great way to meet people, and it breaks the ice! I just love that look of astonishment that good magic creates, for me that is what it’s about, just for a moment in time, someone just can’t believe what they have seen, it’s priceless. But I was never destined to be a pro, my path took me into the world of making and designing fine furniture.

I worked as a professional wood turner, and for many years as a cabinet maker, now I run a cabinet making Business and I am usually working on Commissions from beautiful Welsh Dressers to table and chair sets, or whatever people desire, always striving for the highest quality achievable, while using beautiful woods, it’s a great way to earn a living.

When working as a wood turner, having turned everything from decorative furniture components, with intricate carved details to large architectural turnings to hold up buildings. I always planned to make high quality magic props, now here they are.


"The goblet arrived this morning. It shipped well. It's really beautiful. The workmanship is excellent. The scalloped banding around the mouth of the cup reminds me a bit of Camelot. The cup has a kind of Arthurian feel to it.

Thank you very much for this delightful addition to the cups and balls museum.

BTW, the magic properties are perfect!"

Bill Palmer, The Cups and Balls Museum
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"The construction of this wand is nothing short of beautiful. In order to understand how well this is constructed you should know that Gareth is not a magician who has learned a little about woodworking in order to manufacture a few props.

Gareth is a full-time served craftsman, a cabinet maker and turner by trade who spends his days building full size pieces of fine furniture comissioned across the UK and Europe.

Add to that Gareth's strong background knowledge and understanding of magic and you have a winning combination. When someone of such a strong pedigree tells me they are making wands and cups, I Iisten."

Brian Watson, Cups and Balls Magic
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"Hidden Wren's chop cups are the best I've ever seen, not only are they absolutely beautiful but they handle like a dream. I use mine all the time! Superb, highly recommended."

Chris Congreave, Professional Magician
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