Cups and Balls

Cocobolo Cups and Balls set

Cocobolo is now very hard to come by , so I am only making a few of these sets to order, and they will be limited from now on, other woods are available, including Lignum Vitae, Bocote, and a few others including domestic hardwoods. I have had nothing but fantastic reviews of these cups, they work really well, and are a pleasure to use, and make a statement for any serious cups and balls connoisseur. Available with matching chop cups, solid cups, Takagi cups.
Size: Each cup 2 7/8 inches high, 2 3/8 inch mouth
Stock level: Made to Order Limited Edition
Price: From £300

Mini cups

Elm set of mini cups 3 straight cups, 1 chop cup and 1 solid cup, with a set of 3/4 balls .
Size: 2 1/2in (64mm) Tall, 2in (50mm) mouth
Stock level: 1
Price: £270

English Oak Cups and Balls set

Medium load size
Size: Hidden Wren Magic Props - English Oak Cups and Balls set
Stock level: Low
Price: £160.00


Gareth wanted to make a set of cups that were both strong and beautiful, but also allowed for all of your favourite moves to be performed! Coming soon: matching Chop Cups and Takagi cups.

Takagi Style Cups and Sets

Takagi style Cups and sets

Small, medium and large load size
Size: Varies
Stock level: Low
Price: POA


Gareth's idea was to make a Takagi style Cup, which separates at the bottom by means of a hand chased thread. A difficult procedure, but none the less a worthwhile investment in time. Offered in different designs as time allows. Also in different woods, including Cocobolo, Tulipwood, African Blackwood, African Ebony, Pink Ivory. Each set comes with a Takagi style cup, and matching chop cup, bags, chop ball set, wax, and the hidden wren logo displayed somewhere on the cups. Please get in touch for more details. Can also be supplied with wand and handmade box in Limited editions.
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